EU-Japan.AI Webinar: After Event Information

Webinar 168: EU-Japan.AI Project (H2020)
“After Event Information”

Webinar Feedback

EU-Japan AI Project presentation webinar hosted by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has been very successful. This very informative webinar was targeted to enterprises, universities, solution providers, experts and professionals dealing with AI for manufacturing from EU and Japan seeking to engage in an open and informed dialogue about cooperation and collaboration approaches and directions towards more efficient, productive and improved performance of modern manufacturing systems. The main focus of the project is to increase synchronisation and cooperation on AI and related digital technologies in manufacturing, with higher global impact.

The presentation covered the following topics:

  • H2020 Programme & Context
  • EU-Japan project overview (facts, vision, objectives & concept)
  • Consortium partners
  • Synergies & Clustering
  • Contact points


Use the following link to access the recorded session and the PowerPoint slides:: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

Author: Coordinator, MINDS & SPARKS GmbH