EU-Japan.AI Platform Successfully Launched

We are excited to announce that the EU-Japan.AI platform has been successfully launched. The EU-Japan.AI platform will enhance knowledge and information exchange between all the area-relevant stakeholders. It represents a virtual space and a meeting point for researchers, innovators, industry specialists, AI solution providers, research funders, policy makers, society representatives and other relevant stakeholders from the manufacturing field across both Europe and Japan. As community members, they are welcome to join, explore and understand how AI is being used in international manufacturing context within various regions, as well as to identify potential benefits and collaboration opportunities. Facilitating the exchange of information such as events, programmes, results and experiences, will help pave the way for developing concrete plans to support the community members in leveraging these benefits.

EU-Japan.AI is a vibrant online community focused on supporting international research excellence and on increasing the public perception and acceptance of AI, where cooperation between the community members will be strengthened and transformed into long-lasting partnerships.

Come join the Europe-Japan Cooperation Community of AI in Manufacturing using the following link:


Author: Coordinator, MINDS & SPARKS GmbH