EU-Japan.AI AI4M Workshop successfully organised

EU-Japan AI organized a workshop in the context of the 33rd DAAAM International Symposium, which took place 26th of October, virtually. The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers from both technical and social disciplines to present their current and future work and discuss the issues needing interdisciplinary and/or international cooperation to maximize the potential of AI in Manufacturing in a way that will benefit not just manufacturing companies’ profitability and competitiveness, but improve worker safety, reduce environmental impact, and improve social issues such as economic inequality and corporate accountability. In conclusion, 4 individual papers were presented related to mobile robots and adoption of AI in manufacturing. which discussed very important manufacturing topics such as the human aspect and mobile robots in industry.

As the event took place within the Danube Adria Association For Automation & Manufacturing (DAAAM) online conference, which primarily works on a recorded presentation model, the live presentation attracted six non-presenting audience members. The presentations and discussion were recorded and made available during the DAAAM period for viewing by registered members of the conference. Verbal feedback from presenters and audience at the end of the session was that both the presentations and discussion had been interesting and worthwhile attending. It appears that there is interest in such a workshop and such an event could be much more successful in the future. Association with a social impact of AI events such as one of the many workshops on “Fairness, Accountability and Transparency” in AI might also be appropriate.

Author: Coordinator, MINDS & SPARKS GmbH