EU-Japan.AI Newsletter December, 2022

We are happy to announce that our final project newsletter (December, 2022) has been sent.

In this newsletter issue, we concluded the EU-Japan.AI Project as a success story between Europe and Japan! The EU-Japan AI project which focused on the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge regarding the adoption of AI in Manufacturing has been successfully completed!

Furthermore, the newsletter provides an overview of main project outcomes:

  • EU-Japan.AI Platform
  • AI Observatory
  • Lessons learned about EU-Japan collaboration
  • Survey Results
  • Successful organisation of the AI for Manufacturing (AI4M) Workshop
  • Successful organisation of the Digital Innovation Hubs Advancing Digitisation in Industry Seminar in Cooperation with AI Regio
  • Final event with the Expert and Advisory Board
  • EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and EU-Japan.AI cooperation


The rest of the newsletter provided an overview of important events and outputs produced by the project. In case you have missed it, you can still check it out using the following link:
  December 2022 EU-Japan.AI Newsletter

Author: Coordinator, MINDS & SPARKS GmbH