EU-Japan.AI Project Kick off Meeting – 08. & 12. February, 2021

The EU-Japan.AI Kick-off meeting has been successfully organized and virtually took place on 8th and 12th February 2021. The meeting was attended by 18 representatives of the EU-Japan.AI Consortium. During the Kick-off meeting, the project partners presented their organisations, experience, expertise and planned contributions in the project. This was followed by interesting ideas and open discussions about the planned work and future actions.

The EU-Japan.AI project aims to support cooperation between EU and Japan in areas relevant for AI-driven innovation in manufacturing and digital industrial platforms. High impact will be based on using an online platform to enhance knowledge and information exchange between all the area-relevant stakeholders. Related to this, the cooperation between the involved parties will be strengthened and be transformed into a long-lasting partnership, enabled by the long-term strategy. The project will connect the partners to each other and then create a dynamic and expanding network around them as well as increase synchronisation and cooperation on AI and related digital technologies in manufacturing, with higher global impact. The objectives and types of actions planned in EU-Japan.AI will create results that fulfil the requirements of the call but also aim to go beyond them.

The EU-Japan.AI project brings together 6 partners, where 4 are from different European countries (Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Greece), and 2 are from Japan. Such a global coverage will ensure that both the EU and Japan are well represented as this specific action aims to support cooperation between the aforementioned regions by stakeholder engagement, marketing, management, knowledge transfer, innovation and technology consultancy.

Author: Coordinator, MINDS & SPARKS GmbH